Luxurious Private Hotel - Downtown Bloomington

born in 1902 in the shadow of the courthouse;  reborn in 2012

Among Bloomington's "first families," few loom larger than than the Wylie family. Patriarch Andrew Wylie was the first President of Indiana University, serving from 1829 until his death in 1851.  The house he lived in, along with many elements of Indiana University and Bloomington infrastructure, bears the family name.

Shortly after the demolition of the Presbyterian Church on the east side of the downtown square at the opening of the 20th century, Andrew's grandsons, Allen and Charles Wylie, opened the Wylie Art and Frame Store in a new building at 118 N. Walnut. Built in 1902, the 2- (eventually 3-) story building "shotgunned" back to the alley, standing only 23 feet wide, but 130 feet deep.

The furniture and art store, though it underwent facade and other changes over the course of most of the 20th century, operated out of the space continuously until closing its doors in 1982. Following a longstanding tradition of title companies locating themselves across the street from Indiana county courthouses, MoCoTico Title Company set up shop in the Wylie Art and Frame Building, handling thousands of Monroe County real estate closings from there for the next 20 years. 

MoCoTicCo closed in 2010, leaving a vacant building on the square . . . retail/restaurant downstairs? Of course. Home on the third floor? Yes. But, what to do with the 2nd floor? The experience that smaller boutique hotels offered seemed just what Bloomington deserved. 18 months of demolition and re-construction later, Suites at 118 was born. The first guests stayed in the Suites to celebrate IU's graduation ceremonies in May 2012.

Mark, a law professor at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law in Bloomington, owns and operates the Suites with his partner, Candace Finch, owner-operator of Finch's Brasserie. Finch's offers farm-to-table dining just a block from IU's historic Sample Gates.

Mark and Candace live on the third floor of the Wylie Art and Frame Building, and they look forward to your stay.